Ruggit services all sizes and types of equestrian establishments, and we are also pleased to take care of individual owners specific requirements. Our services include,


• Low Temperature Washes
                       The cleaner we have found to be best is not a detergent or soap, but is specially designed to clean and then wash away easily at low temperatures, therefore the wash will not interfere with the water repellency of your rug, unlike standard soap and detergents.

All rugs are air dried and then finished in our heated drying room.

• In-House Repairs
                       Our repairs are carried out at your request by experienced staff using matching materials wherever possible. If we consider any repairs to be uneconomical we will contact the customer before carrying out the repairs.

• Re-Proofing
                       The outer fabric of the rug is sprayed with the proofer after the rug has been washed and dried. This is important as it allows our proofing to be fully absorbed into the fabric, providing an invisable water, oil and soil repellent finish to your rug. The proofer is also breathable so will not interfere with the breathability of your rug, unlike wax water repellents.